i grew up on a farm, then got into fashion!!! and as far apart as those worlds may seem, they’re what have got me to this point, and have lead me to launching my very own brand, TOM-O. 


fact: EVERY YEAR an estimated 300,000 tonnes of used clothes - about £140 million worth - goes to landfill in the UK (taken from Fashion Revolution) 


my mission, save those clothes & help benefit our planet by upcycling unwanted garments & fabrics into new, vibrant & fun clothes for all you lovely people! 


my path to patchworking started in 2018! i studied at Sheffield Hallam University and for my final collection decided to patchwork together local farmers old workwear - celebrating the wear & tear they acquired over the years - inspired by the marks & memories in each individual garment! this is where it all began, I don’t think I ever got the same feeling from working with new fabrics, but creating the The Farming People, my 6 look collection at uni was where I found my feet as a designer & realised what it was that inspired me as a creative.

In 2019 I graduated from Sheffield Hallam, ‘getting that foot in the door’ of the fashion world was a struggle! alongside my inbox full of job rejection emails my collection The Farming People was gaining interest! 


I was scouted by Fashion Crossover London to join their Graduate Talent Programme in 2019 which brought some amazing opportunities! Most recently a feature in the May 2021 issue of ELLE magazine. 


In Feb 2020 I was invited by Graduate Fashion Week to showcase The Farming People at London Fashion Week in the Positive Fashion Showroom which celebrated & showcased the work of sustainable & ethical designers - it was an amazing experience & event to be part of even more so as only weeks after the nation went into lockdown! 


Lockdown brought me home to the North East, to the family farm I grew up on & after losing my job due to Covid it wasn’t long before the patchworking began again! 


& here I am!! making sustainable fashion patch by patch!!